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EDM (Early Day Motion) 1044: tabled on 27 April 1995

Tabled in the 1994-95 session.

This motion has been signed by 8 Members. It has received 2 amendments.

As this motion is using historical data, we may not have the record of the original ordering, in which case signatories are listed alphabetically.

Amendments to this motion

There have been 2 amendments submitted to this motion.

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Motion text

That this House notes with concern allegations that public funds in Labour-controlled South Tyneside have been misallocated by warring factions within the Labour group; calls upon the Right honourable Member for Sedgefield to make public the inquiry into these serious allegations; further notes the internal inquiry launched by the Scottish Labour Party into allegations in The Scotsman newspaper that Labour-controlled Paisley Council has funded a security company fronting dubious practices involving Labour Party officials; and calls upon the Right honourable Member for Sedgefield to undertake to make the conclusions public.

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After a motion has been tabled, other Members can table amendments to it. Amendments to this motion are shown below.

leave out from `House' to end and add `congratulates South Tyneside Labour Controlled Council which in spite of its area being devastated by Tory policies which, since 1979, have achieved something that Hitler's bombers could not do during the Second World War by closing the last steelworks, the last pit and the last shipyard in the area, policies which have left South Tyneside with the highest unemployment rate in mainland Britain, notes that not withstanding all the devastation created by Tory policies, South Tyneside Labour Controlled Council, according to the 1995 Government's own Official Audit Report, has one of the most efficient housing managements nationwide with council rents amongst the lowest in the country and that South Tyneside Council is one of the leading providers of nursery education; notes further that because of its record in providing services South Tyneside Labour Controlled Council is now a completely Tory free zone, and that out of 60 councillors not one Tory has been elected for many years, and this year with 20 council seats being contested the Tories can only find candidates to fight in 10 of these seats; and calls for the Chairman of the Tory Party or any other Tory honourable Member to go to South Tyneside in support of the Tory candidates.'.
Labour, Jarrow
EDM 1044A1: tabled on 1 May 1995
leave out from `House' to end and add `notes that there has been no such body as Paisley Council since 1075; points out that the security company alleged in the Scotsman to be fronting dubious practices has been largely funded by the Tory-controlled Scottish Office rather than Labour-controlled council, and that the Secretary of State for Scotland has steadfastly refused any investigation, public or private; and urges the honourable Member for Sutton and Cheam to use whatever influence she has to encourage the Secretary of State to face up to his responsibilities.'.
Labour, Paisley South
EDM 1044A2: tabled on 4 May 1995