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EDM #376
Tabled 12 January 1995
1994-95 Session
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That this House congratulates the Government on its belated recognition of the need for legislation to protect the rights of disabled people; laments the fact that despite that recognition the Disability Discrimination Bill presented to the House on Thursday 12th January falls far short of the full anti-discrimination legislation that disabled people have the perfect right to expect; regrets in particular the Bill's inadequate definition of disabled people, the number of escape clauses in the Bill, that discrimination will not be outlawed in all areas, that access to education and transport is hardly advanced at all and that there is not established an enforcement body for disabled people with powers similar to the Equal Opportunities Commission; and calls on the Government to favour, above its own Bill, the Civil Rights (Disabled Persons) Bill, a Private Member's Bill put down for second reading on 10th February, which addresses in full the proper aspirations of disabled people to take their rightful place in society.

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Mr Harry Barnes
"leave out from `House' to `belated' and insert `notes that the Government has made some sort of'."
Tabled 16 January 1995
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