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EDM #387A3
Tabled 17 January 1995
1994-95 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Keith Vaz on 16 January 1995
This is amendment number 3

Suggested Amendment

"leave out from `notes' to end and add `congratulates Richmond upon Thames Council on securing compensation from London Edinburgh Trust which has been spent on improved leisure facilities in the London Borough of Richmond; and wishes Richmond Council luck in its attempts to procure a new ice rink development.'."

Original Motion Text

That this House is deeply concerned about the circumstances that led to the closure of Richmond Ice Rink, a world famous sports facility, by Richmond upon Thames Council; notes the campaign that was launched by Mr Richard Meacock which has led to this matter being considered by the European Court; congratulates the Richmond and Twickenham Times in which an editorial dated 13th January questioned the lack of progress in securing a new ice rink facility in the borough; commends the excellent efforts of Councillor Michael Gold and Councillor Liz Mackenzie in exposing this matter; and calls on the Secretary of State for the Environment to initiate an immediate public inquiry into this entire matter so that the truth of what has happened can be explained to all interested parties.

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