House of Commons
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EDM #140
Tabled 28 November 1994
1994-95 Session
That this House congratulates the Channel 4 series Cutting Edge for its excellent documentary The Glasshouse screened on 28th November which revealed life behind the scenes at the United Kingdom's strictest jail, the Military Corrective Training Centre based at Colchester; was disturbed to learn from the programme that this penal establishment should have within its operations a fully equipped armoury and that serving prisoners, many of them for discharge, should be trained in the use of a variety of weaponry, including live ammunition and grenades; is alarmed that the Home Office should be considering using this centre as a role model for their planned new young offenders detention centre regime; and calls upon Her Majesty's Government fully to investigate how such an establishment has been able to develop the training and techniques it currently operates which seem to have little to do with the rehabilitation of offenders.

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