House of Commons
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EDM #1075
Tabled 01 July 1996
1995-96 Session
There has been an amendment to this EDM.
That this House recalls that the Commonwealth of Britain Bill, presented by the Right honourable Member for Chesterfield, has received its first reading and the House has ordered it to be printed; notes that this Bill would, amongst its provisions, establish a democratic and secular Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Wales, each with its own national parliament, provide for fundamental human rights and equal representation for men and women, the election of a President, end the constitutional status of the Crown, the Privy Council and the House of Lords, disestablish the Church of England, terminate British jurisdiction in Northern Ireland and offer a new constitution for the electors to consider, after its passagethrough parliament, in a referendum; welcomes Her Majesty's decision, conveyed through the Home Secretary, to place Her Prerogative and Interest, so far as they may be affected by the Bill, at the disposal of Parliament for the purpose of the Bill; and believes that this House and the people must find time to discuss and decide upon proposals for fundamental democratic reforms in the constitution in order to prepare Britain for its future in the next century.

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