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EDM #36A2
Tabled 22 February 1996
1995-96 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Liz Lynne on 15 November 1995
This is amendment number 2

Suggested Amendment

"leave out from 'House' to end and add ' firmly supports the principle that parents should honour their obligations to their children and believes that the provisions of the Child Support Act 1991 and subsequent child support legislation are the best way to ensure that all parents make adequate provisions to the best of their abilty for all their children; notes that the CSA's figures for the first six months of this year show that considerable progress has been made in collecting, arranging and assessing maintenance as well as in accuracy and speed of payment; further notes that a few honourable Members (principally Liberal Democrats) continue to provide a mouthpiece for fringe organisations seeking to frustrate the will of Parliament as expressed in child support legislation, and is surprised that in referring to a report now well over twelve months old, honourable Members present an entirely unbalanced and inaccurate picture which ignores all the recent progress which the CSA has made in improving its performance .'."

Original Motion Text

That this House, while firmly supporting the principle that parents should honour their obligations to their children, no longer believes that the best interests of children are served by the Child Support Act 1991; notes that the report Losing Support, commissioned by NSPCC and four other children's charities, concluded that the Child Support Act had done nothing to improve the well-being of children in lone parent families and that, in some cases, the distress and material losses which were experienced by a number of children were damaging; notes further that the Act is harming the creation of new and viable family units; notes that in addition the Agency is less efficient at the collection of maintenance than the Liable Relatives Unit that it replaced and is incapable of producing prompt and accurate maintenance assessments and that for these and other reasons believes the Child Support Act has lost the confidence of the country; and therefore calls upon the Government to repeal the Act, return on a temporary basis tothe previous court system for the settlement of maintenance issues, revive the Liable Releatives Unit and then consult widely on the best way to implement a comprehensive family court system which will allow genuine consistency across all matters of family policy, flexibility into maintenance assessment and foster co-operation between the parties to the benefit of all concerned.

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