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EDM #542
Tabled 17 February 1997
1996-97 Session
That this House believes the law regulating one day sales is totally inadequate in that it provides no proper protection for the public who can be persuaded by trickery, deceit and sometimes intimidation to pay good money for worthless rubbish and that the goods are often handed over in taped black binliners with instructions that they should not be opened while the sale is in progress; notes that on Sunday evening, 16th February, at the Marsden Community Hall, Nelson, a Mr Terry Green of Table Top Sales of Abbey Court, Abbey Road, Torquay, physically threatened and verbally abused the honourable Member for Pendle who turned up to warn constituents of the dangers of one day sales; congratulates Councillors Fred Hartley, Gary Rowland, Martin Short and Colin Waite for their stout support for the honourable Member and the local community; applauds the good sense of the people of Marsden ward who gave absolutely no support or encouragement to the cheat and fraudster Terry Green; and notes Mr Green was forced to abandon the sale after nine minutes having sold four video tapes for ú2 and some radios for 50p and before the expensive, branded goods such as Hitachi and Casio TVs were offered up and sold to accomplices; and calls on the Government to take urgent action to protect the public from loathesome and despicable cheats such as Mr Green who prey on honest people who think they may be on to the bargain of a lifetime.

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