House of Commons
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EDM #633
Tabled 10 March 1997
1996-97 Session
That this House totally rejects the Secretary of State for Education's claim that Calderdale Local Education Authority 'is failing to provide adequate support for its schools'; believes her cynical use of the OFSTED report is at complete odds with the conclusions in the report; condemns the way the Secretary of State slashed the timetable and manipulated the procedures for the political expediency; notes that Calderdale has only one failed school, as do 67 other local education authorities and that Norfolk has seven; further notes that Calderdale spends more money per pupils and has better GCSE results than most authorities in Yorkshire; deplores the part played in this piece of political chicanery by the Chief Inspector Chris Woodhead; believes he and this report have discredited OFSTED; and calls for his immediate resignation since such politically biased criticism without any evidence damages Calderdale, its children and the future prosperity of the area.

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