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EDM #1014
Tabled 25 July 2000
1999-00 Session
That this House welcomes the news that India's National Football Team are currently enjoying their first ever UK tour; notes that the team has not played at all in the UK for over 50 years; further notes that the current captain of the national side, Bhaichung Bhutai, became the first Indian player to play professional football in the UK when he signed for Bury FC; congratulates Mr Rajprohit and Sapphire Enterprises Limited for financing the squad's visit to the UK; acknowledges Fulham Football Club's two lucky goals leading to their 2-0 victory over the visiting team; wishes the Indian squad well in their upcoming games against West Bromwich and Bangladesh; and welcomes the benefits to those clubs' race relations programmes and the increased interest in watching and playing the game which the tour will bring.

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