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EDM #1590A3
Tabled 18 July 2002
2001-02 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Mr James Clappison on 09 July 2002
This is amendment number 3

Suggested Amendment

"leave out from 'UMIST' to end and add 'to apologise for this disgusting act and to dismiss Professor Baker'.'"

Original Motion Text

That this House notes with concern the action of Professor Mona Baker of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in dismissing Dr Miriam Schlesinger and Professor Gideon Toury from the boards of two academic journals on the grounds of their Israeli nationality; deplores discrimination against academics of any nationality, as being inconsistent with the principle of academic freedom; and calls upon UMIST, United Kingdom university authorities and Her Majesty's Government to ensure that academic life in British universities is not disfigured by prejudice and persecution.

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