House of Commons
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EDM #1812
Tabled 24 October 2002
2001-02 Session
That this House recognises the decades of underfunding from which the South West has suffered, such that spending per person is now 12 per cent. below the national average, the result of funding formulae set up in the early 1980s; further notes that the cost of service provision in rural areas is often higher, not lower; opposes the current proposals for local government funding which would make these inequalities so much worse that Cornwall, the poorest county, could lose up to ú39 million, and stands to make a loss on whatever combination of the current proposals are put forward, while Devon faces a fall in funding as large as ú48 million; further notes that making up this shortfall could eventually see increases in average council tax of up to ú225 and ú183 in Devon, or cuts in services of up to 10 per cent.; and believes that any system which locks in poverty by leaving some of the poorest areas in the country with the lowest incomes paying more to the government in tax than is receiving in expenditure is clearly flawed and cannot be justified.