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EDM #1561
Tabled 03 July 2002
2001-02 Session
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That this House welcomes the launch of the National Petition for Palestine on 2nd July; and endorses its five demands that the British Government should call on Israel to withdraw its army from the Occupied Territories; that Britain should call on Israel to dismantle the settlements in the Occupied Territories; that the British Government should call on Israel to accept that the Palestinians have an equal right to Jerusalem, whether it be the capital of their separate state (East Jerusalem) or that of a single democratic secular state; that Britain should make a public commitment to supporting UN resolution 194 calling on Israel to grant the refugees, the Palestinians displaced by them, the right to return to Israel or a right to compensation if they choose not to return; and that Britain should impose trade sanctions on Israel, including an arms embargo, until the above demands are met.

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Mr Simon Thomas
"after 'and', insert 'broadly'"
Tabled 08 July 2002
1 Signature
Mr Simon Thomas
"leave out from 'impose' to 'an'"
Tabled 08 July 2002
1 Signature