House of Commons
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EDM #1205
Tabled 26 April 2002
2001-02 Session
That this House notes that 11 years since the release of the Birmingham Six and five years after the establishment of the criminal Cases Review Commission, there is as yet no public body with the objective of providing an aftercare programme to assist individuals who, having served a long prison sentence, have had their convictions quashed at the Court of Appeal and are released without the benefit of a period of pre-release the benefit of a period of pre-release preparation or programme of post-release support and rehabilitation; further notes that these individuals are particularly at risk from psychological stress and in need of care and counselling; welcomes the contribution of former prisoners and victims of miscarriage of justice through MOJO and other organisations; supports the work of these groups in seeking public funding for permanent aftercare provision; notes the establishment of a Home Office Task Force on this matter; and urges the Government to ensure former victims are placed at the centre of the consultation process and that their long-term involvement is recognised as vital for developing the confidence of prisoners and indispensable to the effectiveness and long-term success of any scheme established.

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