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EDM (Early Day Motion) 916: tabled on 28 February 2002

Tabled in the 2001-02 session.

This motion has been signed by 19 Members. It has received 1 amendment.

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Motion text

That this House notes with concern reports that a referendum on UK entry in the European single currency could be held on 1st May 2003, the same date as the elections for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Northern Ireland Assembly; believes that important policy issues for the devolved administrations will be swamped by the euro debate if the referendum is held on this date; therefore calls on the Prime Minister to rule out 1st May 2003 as a potential date for a euro referendum; and believes that such a statement would end the unhelpful speculation and uncertainty that now exists, without the Government veering from its agreed policy.

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leave out from 'House' to end and add 'notes that the decision as to UK entry into the single currency is one of the most important issues for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom in the foreseeable future; believes that to hold a referendum on membership of the euro at the same time as the 2003 elections for the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly, and Northern Ireland would help focus attention on the importance of the decision as to membership for those nations; further believes that to hold the referendum at the same time as those elections would encourage a higher turn-out for both the referendum and those elections; further notes that continued uncertainty as to United Kingdom membership of the euro will be damaging to the economic interests of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland along with the rest of the United Kingdom; and accordingly urges the Government to give careful consideration to the advantages of holding the referendum on the euro on 1st May 2003.'.
Labour, Edinburgh North and Leith
EDM 916A1: tabled on 13 March 2002