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EDM (Early Day Motion) 933A1: tabled on 06 March 2002

Tabled in the 2001-02 session.

This motion has been signed by 16 Members. It is an amendment to an existing motion.

As this motion is using historical data, we may not have the record of the original ordering, in which case signatories are listed alphabetically.

This is an amendment to an existing motion

This motion was originally tabled by Ms Candy Atherton on 05 March 2002. This is amendment number 1.

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Suggested amendment

after 'services', insert 'further notes that ageism costs the UK ú31 billion per annum; regrets that the Government voted down the Age Equality Commission Bill; further regrets that the Government is unwilling to implement legislation until 2006;'.

Original motion text

That this House welcomes Help the Aged's report, Age Discrimination in Public Policy; expresses concern that the report finds over half the population believes this country treats older people as if they are on the scrap-heap; notes that the report provides further evidence of the level of age discrimination in society and the use of age as an arbitrary way of rationing resources and barring access to services; and calls on the Government to introduce comprehensive legislation to tackle age discrimination at the earliest possible opportunity.