House of Commons
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EDM #596
Tabled 17 December 2001
2001-02 Session
That this House notes with regret that Rio Tinto plc, the world's largest and wealthiest mining multinational, continues its appalling treatment of workers and residents in Kingston Upon Hull and East Yorkshire, who seek no more than the just determination of their claims for industrial disease and death, resulting from the operation of the former Capper Pass Smelting Plant; pays tribute to Sir Philip Otton, Professor Malcolm Harrington, Professor Anthony Newman Taylor and Professor David Coggon, the eminent members of the proposed Capper Pass Claims Review Scheme, for their commitment and dedication, in seeking to discharge their professional duties; further notes that the process is at risk of further delay, due to Rio Tinto's attempts to deprive the claimants of their legal rights to pursue cases for pre-November 1967 exposure to carcinogens, heavy metals and ionising radiation; recalls that Rio Tinto had also sought to deny the claimants' the right to pursue asbestos-disease claims; believes that by such underhand tactics, Rio Tinto are seeking to break the claimants' resolve; understands that in consequence of such shabby conduct, the Australian Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union has written to one bereaved family in Hull, asserting that Rio Tinto were continuously acting in an offensive and disgraceful manner, a sentiment which is not at risk of contradiction; demands that Rio Tinto should respect the pre-1967 legal rights of the claimants, and commit forthwith to the Claims Review Scheme; and considers that in default, the Chairman and Board of Rio Tinto should reconsider their positions.

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