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EDM #875
Tabled 12 March 2003
2002-03 Session
That this House is saddened by the breakdown of the Cyprus talks in The Hague on Tuesday 11th March; welcomes the Republic of Cyprus President Papadopoulos's willingness to agree a referendum based on Annan 3, 'as long as people knew what they were being asked to vote on'; condemns Turkish Cypriot leader Mr Denktash's refusal to proceed to a referendum and his fundamental objections to Annan 3, based on his wish to start all over again on the basis of his outdated, and internationally rejected, demand for recognition, a strategy now rejected by an ever increasing number of Turkish Cypriots who remain on the island; notes the statements from the Common Vision, This Country is Ours and the majority of representatives in the Turkish Cypriot Assembly who demand that the referendum be held despite Mr Denktash's intransigence; believes this failure to be a major setback for Turkey's hopes of joining the European Union; nevertheless welcomes the Turkish Government's statement that efforts for a lasting peace will continue and the Greek Government's statement that the political will for peace remains alive; thanks Alvaro De Soto for his efforts to achieve a settlement; and supports any UN or EU initiative that would allow Turkey and the Cypriot communities to agree a Cyprus settlement before 1st May 2004 for the sake of all peace-loving Greek and Turkish Cypriots, Greeks and Turks, Cyprus as a whole and relations between Turkey and the EU.

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