House of Commons
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EDM #1039
Tabled 25 June 1991
1990-91 Session
That this House recognises that bomb attacks on the Belfast-Dublin railway line put the lives of passengers and railway workers at risk, threaten railway and other workers' jobs, intensify political and cultural diversions and violate a basic human right-the freedom of movement; warmly welcomes the launch on 26th June in Dublin of the Belfast-Dublin-London Peace Train scheduled for 18th and 19th July; notes that the Peace Train has already been backed by a wide range of political and cultural figures in Britain, including actors Saeed Jaffrey and T. P. McKenna, singer Sandy Shaw, the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship, railway trade union leader Jimmy Knapp and the parliamentary branch of the TGWU, broadcaster Robert Kee, the honourable Member for Leominster in his capacity as Co-Chairman of the British-Irish Parliamentary Body, many honourable Members from the Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democratic and Plaid Cymru parties, Lady Jane Ewart-Biggs and Lord Hylton as the joint presidents of New Consensus (Britain), Tony Smythe and Dr Anthony Weaver; and wishes the Peace Train much success in providing a focus for all those who wish to see an end to violence in Northern Ireland.

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