House of Commons
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EDM #1276
Tabled 25 May 2004
2003-04 Session
That this House is aware that Mr John Negroponte will be the US Ambassador to Iraq after the 30th June sovereignty transfer, in which position he will wield enormous power; notes that, whilst US Ambassador to the UN, he said in November 2002 in relation to Resolution 1441 that the Resolution contained no hidden triggers or automaticity that would allow the United States to use force against Baghdad if it failed to co-operate with the weapons inspectors and that the matter would return to the UN Security Council for discussions; further notes that this line is contrary to the position of Her Majesty's Government which maintains that Resolution 1441 was sufficient to embark on the war without need for a second Resolution and that plainly Mr Negroponte misled the world community on this matter; and believes that, with his record, including this, he is likely to be a liability in Iraq.