House of Commons
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EDM #1356
Tabled 15 June 2004
2003-04 Session
That this House condemns the decision by the Post Office Ltd to close Wychall Road Post Office thus ignoring the recommendations of Postwatch, Birmingham City Council and the honourable Member for Birmingham Selly Oak; notes the acknowledgement from Post Office Ltd that there are no direct bus routes to the nearest alternative post office; further notes that Post Office Ltd have given no response to the suggestion that an application be submitted for assistance through the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's Deprived Urban Post Office Fund; calls on Post Office Ltd to make the suggested application for Government subsidy and withdraw the decision to close Wychall Road Post Office; notes that no decision has yet been made on the proposed closure of Ten Acre Street and Raddlebarn Road post offices, and urges Post Office Ltd to abide by the Postwatch recommendation against their closure; accepts that there is a responsibility to ensure the viability of the post office network and that some closures are necessary to achieve this, but does not accept the scale of the closures in south Birmingham or that Post Office Ltd have made every effort to explore new commercial opportunities, which take into account not only the expansion of financial services but also new locations for post office businesses in areas poorly served if proposed closures go ahead.

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