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EDM #1002A1
Tabled 11 July 1991
1990-91 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Mr Alan Meale on 19 June 1991
This is amendment number 1

Suggested Amendment

"at end add 'and notes the Conservative Government's silence on the fat salary increase awarded to the Chairman of EMEC which contrasts with its hysterical campaign against the proposal that no-one should be paid less than ú3.40 an hour under Labour minimum wage for the low paid. '."

Original Motion Text

That this House condemns as obscene the massive increase in profits announced on 19th June by the newly-privatised East Midlands Electricity Company, which have been achieved in just six months since privatisation on 11th December 1990 by a totally unnecessary and unwarranted 11 per cent. increase in charges upon their customers, many of whom are elderly, infirm, unemployed or on low wages.

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