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EDM #794
Tabled 28 February 2005
2004-05 Session
That this House congratulates the Fairtrade movement in Aberystwyth on gaining Fairtrade status for the whole town; thanks the individuals, businesses and organisations that made this possible; notes with pleasure that the official announcement will be made on St. David's Day; believes that this occasion is also a fitting tribute to the life and work of Aberystwyth-born activist, David Ivon Jones, who worked tirelessly as General Secretary of the South African Labour Party to improve the working conditions and standards of all South African workers; believes that Fairtrade today is an appropriate vehicle for continuing his work and improving the position of poor and marginalised producers in the developing world; urges the Government to seek Fairtrade status for its own workplaces; and looks forward to Wales becoming the first accredited Fairtrade nation.

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