House of Commons
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EDM #203
Tabled 25 May 2005
2005-06 Session
That this House urges the Government to end the Over Thirty Month Scheme and allow for the sale of cattle over thirty months into the human food chain as recommended by the Food Standards Agency in July 2003; welcomes the net saving of £300 million of public expenditure in abolishing the scheme; further urges the Government to ensure that the sale of British meat to EU member states is not inhibited by politically motivated restrictions; acknowledges the potential increases in returns to British farmers and the improved supply of quality British meat to consumers and food processors; recognises the marked dangers of a rapid increase in supply and the need for a measured reintroduction of over thirty month cattle into the food chain; and supports the need for continued controls on specified risk material and for rigorous safety checks in all slaughter houses to prevent cross contamination.

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