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EDM #475
Tabled 30 June 2005
2005-06 Session
That this House recognises the outstanding contribution made by those servicemen from Commonwealth countries who fought for and alongside the UK in the Second World War; acknowledges that in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, and in West and East Africa there are still many very elderly ex-servicemen and widows in dire need of medical aid, housing, adequate food and other welfare assistance and it is the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League that is helping such Commonwealth veterans who fought for freedom for the UK; further recognises that many were taken prisoner by the Japanese and did not receive an ex-gratia payment from the country they served, unlike their British comrades in arms; acknowledges that in every Commonwealth country there is an ex-service organisation affiliated to the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League which gives grants to those member organisations of the poorer countries who cannot meet all genuine requests for welfare of one form or another; and believes that at the 60th anniversary celebrations of the end of the Second World War this summer the Government should make a grant to the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League to assist it in carrying out its work caring for the veterans of the Commonwealth.

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