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EDM #545
Tabled 27 February 1991
1990-91 Session
That this House notes with concern that prior to April 1990 Taylorplan Services Ltd. offered ú2.96 per hour for contracts in the Hounslow and Spelthorne District Health Authority with 12 days annual leave rising to 15 days after two years service, and five days sick leave for each full 12-month period of employment; notes that in August 1989 the company was paying cleaners in Suffolk ú2.40 per hour and the average pay of the company's 2,216 employees in 1987-88 was ú4,966; understands in February 1988 the company were advertising for staff on a Ministry of Defence catering contract in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, quoting ú2.85 per hour for waiters/waitresses and bar staff and ú2.60 per hour for general assistants and kitchen porters; and notes that in February 1988 union representatives were told by the company that on hospital contracts with North Lincolnshire District Health Authority, Whitley Council pay rates would apply to basic grade only and personal rates would be paid to supervisors with no sick pay, no superannuation and three weeks holiday after one year's service.

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