House of Commons
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EDM #758
Tabled 26 January 2007
2006-07 Session
That this House expresses concern that eight years after Jay Abatan was killed in a racist attack in Brighton his murderers have still not been brought to justice; notes that subsequent reports into Jay Abatan's murder have revealed flaws in the way the investigation was conducted by the police, and that these investigations have revealed that different police forces are operating different standards and practices during murder investigations and appear not to have implemented the recommendations emanating from the Macpherson report; further notes that it is standard procedure for any death that may have been unlawful to be examined in a public hearing and that Jay Abatan did not receive this; calls for an immediate inquest and for a Gold Group investigation of the Brighton and Sussex police force investigation into Jay's death; and therefore requests an undertaking from the Home Secretary that police force practices will be standardised and that an inquiry into the implementation of the Macpherson recommendations will be conducted across all police forces in England and Wales.

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