House of Commons
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EDM #498
Tabled 19 February 1991
1990-91 Session
That this House deeply regrets the worsening conditions in which pensioners in the United Kingdom are forced to live; congratulates the Daily Record for its article of 9th February which exposes the plight of Scottish pensioners and, rightly, compares Her Majesty's Government's treatment of the generation which defended this country against Nazi oppression and racism with the way in which other European governments treat theirs - the United Kingdom's mean ú75.10 a week, for retired married couples, whilst in Sweden the pension is ú137.50, in Germany and Belgium, ú125, and in France, ú130; deplores Her Majesty's Government's eagerness to waste thousands of millions of pounds in war and destruction whilst finding it difficult to provide adequate resources properly to look after the old and vulnerable; and calls for a complete review of the policies and approach of the last 12 years and the building again of a civilised social system in Britain.

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