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EDM #1093
Tabled 03 March 2008
2007-08 Session
That this House urges the Government to investigate the activities of Alliance and Leicester, Allied Domecq,, Amersham, Arcadia, Barclays, BAT, BHS, BOC Group, Compass Group, Dixons, GlaxoSmithKline, Honda, IDEA, Kelda Group, Lloyds TSB, Merrill Lynch, News Corporation, Nissan, Northern and Shell, Portland Enterprises, Prudential, Rolls Royce, Sage Group, Shell, Severn Trent, Setanta Sports, Tesco, Totesport Casino, Toyota, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Trains, Vodafone and WPP, all of whom consistently pay considerably less than the due standard rate of corporation tax, by using tax havens and tax avoidance schemes, thus depriving the UK Treasury of billions of pounds of tax revenue each year; and suggests that each company be required to publish a full explanation of why it pays tax at less than the standard rate of corporation tax, as well as listing the tax avoidance schemes used to this end and the sources from which they acquired the schemes.

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