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EDM #2097
Tabled 21 July 2008
2007-08 Session
That this House notes that as a result of the tragic events connected with Turkey's illegal invasion of Cyprus in 1974, all four Maronite villages of Kormakitis, Asomatos, Karpasha and Ayia Marina lie isolated within the occupied Northern area of the island, that their communities, approximately 6,500 residents, have been dispersed asunder as refugees, having fled their homes, land and communities in fear of their lives; further notes that although agreements were reached in 2004 allowing border crossings to be eased, entry into Ayia Marina still remains prohibited, the village of Asomatos is only accessible on Sundays, for a period of up to three hours, whilst former Maronite properties in Karpasha village remain occupied by Turkish military officers who use them for their living quarters; and believes that urgent action by both the Government and the international community should be undertaken forthwith to facilitate the return of these communities to the villages to allow them to restore and maintain their vibrant cultural and religious identities.

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