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EDM #2152
Tabled 06 October 2008
2007-08 Session
That this House notes that MTV are considering broadcasting the US show Model Maker, which is to be shown on MTV in the USA, which seeks women `between the ages of 17 and 24, 5'9'' tall and 130 to 190 pounds (9 to 13.5 stones)' who `may be...not thin enough' or `not photogenic' and which according to the Sunday Independent must `lose between 30 and 80 lbs in the hope of becoming a model'; and, further noting the clear pressure on models to achieve a size zero body, which has led to the death of at least two models recently, and further noting that over one million people in the UK suffer from eating disorders, calls on MTV not to buy in the programme unless it is clearly re-edited to promote healthy eating for models and oppose the industry's stick-thin culture.

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