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EDM #1520
Tabled 18 May 2009
2008-09 Session
That this House recognises the important and valuable work carried out by the charity Interpal; agrees with the Charity Commission that charities like Interpal who provide `humanitarian aid in high-risk situations, such as conflict and other complex emergencies, make a vital contribution to these communities and their work supports people in desperate need'; notes with concern the numerous unsubstantiated allegations of links to terrorism that have been levelled at Interpal and the undeserved and unjust negative impact that these have had on the charity's reputation and operations; praises Interpal on its efforts to comply with all of the Charity Commission's recommendations regarding due diligence and monitoring of partners; and, in light of Lloyds TSB's decision to refuse to continue processing the charity's international clearance payments and bearing in mind the Charity Commission's view that `every charity must have access to banking services', calls on the Government to offer stronger support to Interpal in their efforts to find permanent banking arrangements.

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