House of Commons
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EDM #1656
Tabled 11 June 2009
2008-09 Session
That this House notes that Tower Hamlets College is planning to make 40 full-time lecturers redundant and cut classes including 1,500 places on English for Speakers of Other Languages courses; further notes that lifelong learning courses are threatened at the Bethnal Green Centre; further notes that hundreds of redundancies are threatened at London Metropolitan University with departments being closed and a threatened reduction in some 11,000 places for students; further notes that teachers at St Paul's Way secondary school in Tower Hamlets are also being threatened with redundancies, with a narrowing of the curriculum and loss of support for pupils in need; believes that these attacks represent a disaster for education in East London and are the last thing needed in the context of difficult economic conditions; and calls on the responsible authorities to reconsider these cuts as a matter of urgency and engage in meaningful negotiations with the relevant trade unions and student union representatives to stop these cuts taking place.

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