House of Commons
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EDM #2145
Tabled 22 October 2009
2008-09 Session
That this House believes that the BBC are profoundly wrong to argue that just because the modern heirs of Hitler, the holocaust-denying racists of the BNP, have the support of six per cent. of the UK population they should be treated as a normal party and invited onto the main television political programme Question Time; notes that no previous BBC Director General made such a judgement and that neither Martin Webster, who polled 16 per cent. in a by election in 1973, John Tyndall, Colin Jordan or Oswald Mosley were treated in the same way; and further believes that this significant change of policy by Mark Thompson, Director General of the publicly-funded, poll tax-financed BBC further calls into question the judgement of BBC management and the role of the pusillanimous BBC Trust.

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