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EDM #218
Tabled 24 November 2009
2009-10 Session
That this House notes that new draft National Policy Statement for Nuclear Power Generation, as published on 9 November 2009, concludes its section on radioactive waste management with the remarkable assertion, at paragraph 3.8.20, that `Having considered this issue, the Government is satisfied that effective arrangements will exist to manage and dispose of the waste that will be produced from new nuclear power stations. As a result the IPC (the Infrastructure Planning Commission) need not consider this question'; considers the implication that the most contentious aspect of new nuclear power is not even going to be examined by the new IPC is democratically unacceptable and will lead to bad public policy; further notes that on the same date an explanatory leaflet distributed by the IPC to Ministers states: `The new IPC process will provide clearer and better opportunities for the public and local communities to get involved from an early stage in decisions that will affect them'; and requests that Ministers allow the IPC to scrutinise plans for radioactive waste management, storage and disposal.

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