House of Commons
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EDM #38A1
Tabled 14 November 1990
1990-91 Session
This is an amendment to an existing motion
Motion originally tabled by Alf Morris on 08 November 1990
This is amendment number 1

Suggested Amendment

"at end add 'as a matter of common humanity and concern for people who are in such dire circumstances.'."

Original Motion Text

That this House views with concern the exclusion by regulation under the Social Security Act 1986 of the income support premiums for people without accommodation who are elderly, sick or disabled which are paid to those in the same circumstances who are housed; believes that income support premiums are an essential component of basic income maintenance for all sick, disabled or elderly claimants including those without accommodation, more particularly since these premiums are not intended to cover accommodation costs; and calls urgently on Her Majesty's Government to permit payment of the premiums to claimants without accommodation.