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EDM #670
Tabled 20 January 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House regrets the recent disruption to First Capital Connect (FCC) services travelling into London; deplores the recent severe reduction in timetabled services which was brought about by a shortage of drivers employed by First Capital Connect and delays on the part of the Department for Transport in the delivery of rolling stock, and which meant that commuters had to find alternative routes into work and school, adding considerable time and expense to their daily journeys; notes that FCC are now operating the full timetable with effect from 15 January 2010 and have secured an agreement with drivers; congratulates hon. Members on the Shadow Transport Team in having made personal and direct representations to the management on behalf of commuters; calls on First Capital Connect to guarantee an improved service and to make appropriate compensation to passengers; further calls on unions to agree to keep to the agreement reached with First Capital Connect so that improved service can be delivered; and further calls on the Government to ensure that improved service levels are met and enforced.

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