House of Commons
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EDM #956
Tabled 26 February 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House expresses concern that re-categorisation of HM Prison Morton Hall and HM Prison Drake Hall from semi-open to closed prisons has left no semi-open prisons in the whole of the female estate; notes that women who were categorised as semi-open have been re-categorised as closed for no apparent reason other than the lack of a semi-open prison to hold them and that women who are currently classed as semi-open are being held in security conditions higher than necessary; further notes that in effect a security categorisation that exists for men does not now exist for women and that no women entering prison are being given semi-open categorisation; believes this is having a negative impact on women's progression through the prison system, particularly in light of the fact that there are only two open prisons in the women's estate, with a combined capacity of 228 prisoners; further believes that this has a negative impact on the families of women in prison as it limits family leave in preparation for resettlement; and calls on the Government to review its decision.

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