House of Commons
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EDM #1080
Tabled 12 March 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House congratulates the House of Commons Culinary Team on its success in the Salon Culinaire 2010 at Hotelympia held at London's Excel Arena; applauds the team consisting of Mark Hill, Laurence Colmer, Nick Wort, Nick Munting, Nick Chapman, Dan Terry, Luke Fouracre, Matt Jones, Dominique Ashford, Andy Ditchfield, David Bush, Keith Winspur, Andrew Foulis, Dan Piggott, Sara Lewis, Tom Freer, Terry Wiggins, Jack Allibone, Sara Bjork and Stuart Smith on their efforts; recognises the team being crowned international open team grand prix winners of Hotelympia's Salon Culinaire 2010; hails the team's gold medal success in the La Parade des Chefs, K9 Open Team Grand Prix Buffet and Best Kitchen/Larder competitions; and wishes the first team to represent Great Britain in the World Culinary Cup in Luxembourg every success.

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