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EDM #1161
Tabled 23 March 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House urges a greater sourcing of goods and services which will help boost local economies and local businesses as well as protecting existing jobs and creating new ones in local communities; notes that the Government has already done some good work in this area but recognises that many local organisations, such as local authorities, currently tender products from outside their areas rather than encouraging a local sourcing of goods and services; further recognises that millions of pounds could be brought into local economies if key local agencies sourced locally; calls on all contracts at local authority level to include a clause to say the council expects a condition of acceptance of any contract to state that goods and services will be sourced locally and that this is checked and verified before work is commenced; and urges greater co-ordination between central and local government to ensure greater levels of local sourcing are established.

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