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EDM #1167
Tabled 23 March 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House is gravely concerned that thousands of rail workers continue to be made redundant; believes that the rail industry is haemorrhaging important skilled engineering jobs which will not be replaced; notes with dismay that the 300 rail renewals jobs lost at Babcock Rail is over and above the 1,500 rail maintenance job cuts already announced by Network Rail; further notes that the 69 jobs in train fleet maintenance lost at Bombardier Crewe represents the third wave of redundancies there in a year, with the company continuing to cite the unpredictable nature of the rail market; supports the RMT union's call for a Government-backed, industry-wide strategy to enhance the role of railways in battling climate change, retaining skilled green jobs and reducing the economic impact of the recession; and urges the Government to intervene to safeguard skilled engineering jobs, the loss of which will hinder capacity for future major rail projects including the construction of high speed lines and the maintenance of high speed trains.

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