House of Commons
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EDM #1173
Tabled 23 March 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House welcomes two initiatives of the UK Resource Centre (UKRC) for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) to encourage employers and organisations to stimulate and develop initiatives to support and retain women; believes that women play a vital part in the SET sector, but regrets that to date women only make up 15.5 per cent. of SET professionals in the UK and still only make up less than seven per cent. of the UK's engineering professionals; welcomes the launch of the SET Fair Standard, an award that recognises and rewards good practice in gender equality across all SET sectors, and the Athena Swan Charter, the equivalent award for universities which is jointly managed by the UKRC and the Equality Challenge Unit; believes that these two initiatives will further enhance the position of women in science, engineering and technology and their contribution to the UK's economy; considers that these awards should be a key accreditation for any forward-looking employer; and congratulates UKRC on its launch in the week commencing 22 March 2010 of the Women of Outstanding Achievement in a SET photographic exhibition at the Royal Academy of Engineering.

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