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EDM #1211
Tabled 30 March 2010
2009-10 Session
That this House notes that 5 April 2010 marks the tenth anniversary of the murder of Leeds United fans Chris Loftus and Kevin Speight in Istanbul; further notes that the two fans were murdered while attending a football match between Leeds and Galatasaray and that they were not involved in any violence or disorder at the time; regrets that to date nobody has been imprisoned for these crimes; requests the Turkish authorities to ensure that the appeals of those convicted and still free should be expedited; regrets that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has not so far been successful in helping the families of the murdered men; calls on the Government to mark the tenth anniversary of the murders by intensifying pressure on the Turkish authorities to conclude the appeals; and believes that the families of the murdered men will have no rest until justice is seen to be done.

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