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EDM #130
Tabled 02 June 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House strongly supports the work of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund, the only charity dedicated to helping the children of serving, and ex-serving naval services personnel; notes that the charity has been running for over 100 years and helps children deal with the long-term psychological, emotional, physical, financial and social impacts that can result from having a parent work in the naval services; commends the charity for helping over 1,500 children each year, especially when demand is increasing due to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; believes that the Government should encourage local authorities to provide greater assistance for the children and families left vulnerable by the effects of conflict; calls on Ministers to take into account the unique pressures and challenges being faced by the children of serving and ex-serving personnel when formulating policies; and urges support for the excellent work of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children's Fund.

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