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EDM #265
Tabled 17 June 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House congratulates in National Epilepsy Week the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy (NCYPE) on its Champions for Childhood Epilepsy campaign to improve health and education services for young people with epilepsy; notes that 31 staff from 21 schools from the Tandridge Confederation in Surrey and from West Sussex collaborated with the NCYPE on a pilot epilepsy champions project; recognises that the resulting support programme includes a model of best practice that can be adopted by schools across the UK to improve the educational experience and outcomes for the near 60,000 young people living with epilepsy; appreciates that this work covered close to 7,000 students, including 55 with a diagnosis of epilepsy; further notes that on average there is one child with epilepsy in every primary school and five in every secondary school in the UK; welcomes the first phase of the NCYPE's Epilepsy 4 Education programme which will provide free, direct support for schools in London and the South East; and calls on the Government to recognise this significant contribution from the voluntary sector by encouraging all schools to join the NCYPE's Champions for Childhood Epilepsy campaign so that these practical, affordable and effective measures can make a difference to the lives of young people with epilepsy across the UK.

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