House of Commons
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EDM #406
Tabled 06 July 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House calls on the Government to conduct a thorough review, supported by consultation with all parties and affected business sectors, on the impact the smoking ban has had on public houses and private members' clubs; notes that any review should consider a balanced and proportionate amendment to the legislation, which allows for segregated smoking rooms or areas within pubs, bars and clubs provided that effective smoke extraction systems of an authorised standard are installed, enabling smokers to be accommodated in comfort indoors without impacting on non-smokers and staff, whilst reducing intrusive noise to any who live close to such establishments, thus helping to safeguard the future of many in the licensed trade; and further notes that any changes to the smoking ban legislation thereafter should be made on the basis of evidence, fairness and proportionality, recognising the importance of such institutions to the nation's social life and community wellbeing.

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