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EDM #559
Tabled 20 July 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House recalls the near liquidation of a once strong and non-sectarian trade union movement by the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein; salutes those who have devoted themselves to rebuilding a labour movement in Iraq before and since his overthrow with important moral and material support from the Trades Union Congress and several trade unions in the UK as well as many other national trade union centres and global union federations who believe that the right to free association is a key element of a vibrant democracy and social justice; supports the General Federation of Iraqi Workers and the Kurdistan United Workers' Union joint campaign for a new labour code which would enshrine such rights and which enjoys the support of the Iraqi President; notes that positive moves in this direction have now been undermined by elements within Iraqi government, attempting to force Iraqi unions to hold elections under Saddam's deeply flawed 1987 labour law; deplores, along with the International Trade Union Confederation, the decision on 12 May 2010of the Higher Ministerial Committee to prohibit all travel by trade union delegations to international meetings or conferences without its approval; and respectfullyurges the Iraqi government to reverse this decision in favour of adopting a Labour code that complies with International Labour Organisation standards.

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