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EDM #839
Tabled 18 October 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House condemns the negligence of Enterprise Inns regarding the breach of health and safety regulations at the Aintree Hotel in Liverpool; is appalled that such misconduct led to the tragic and unnecessary death of the licensee, Paul Lee, in November 2007; notes that the company failed to ensure that there was a valid gas safety certificate on the premises, that the fire may not have been serviced since 1979, and that the chimney was completely blocked; further notes that 474 Enterprise Inns pubs did not have valid gas safety certificates; and further notes that this led to a prosecution of Enterprise Inns by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), during which HSE inspector Iain Evans stated that `it is shocking that a major pub chain failed to ensure regular gas safety checks were carried out at more than 400 of its properties and as a result one man has been killed and hundreds of other lives have been put at risk'; and therefore supports the call for the Chief Executive of Enterprise Inns to take moral responsibility and to resign.

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