House of Commons
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EDM #858
Tabled 19 October 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House warmly congratulates the Mayor of Morphou and the members of the Morphou municipality on again holding their annual rally to remind the United Nations, the European Union and the major countries of the world of the ongoing injustice Morphou and its citizens still suffer from the Turkish military invasion and occupation of large areas of the Republic of Cyprus since July 1974; notes with deep concern the appalling conditions of cemeteries in Morphou, one of which has been concreted over and is now used as a car park, and another where all the grave headstones have been broken and abandoned, with motor vehicles dumped in the cemetery; and calls on the Government to bring these matters to the attention of the Turkish Cypriot administration and the Government of Turkey, and to request that they show proper respect for cemeteries not only in the Morphou area, but throughout the whole occupied area of Northern Cyprus.

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