House of Commons
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EDM #870
Tabled 20 October 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House opposes the Statement of Changes in the Immigration Rules laid on 1October 2010, Cm 7944, on account of its introduction of compulsory English language tests for non-EEA migrants applying to join or remain with their British or settled spouses, fianc(e)s or partners in the UK as it will discriminate against South Asians, women, those in conflict zones and poor people in developing countries who will struggle to access English teaching before coming to the UK; notes that it will also generate hardship for certain groups of refugees, and former refugees with British citizenship who wish to be reunited with their spouses, and that such individuals cannot return to their home countries to live with their spouses for fear of torture or persecution; and believes this measure risks breaching the European Convention on Human Rights whilst also undermining the spirit of the Refugee Convention.