House of Commons
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EDM #1201
Tabled 14 December 2010
2010-12 Session
That this House condemns the excessive remuneration packages that have been paid to senior Enterprise Inns personnel when many Enterprise pubs are closing, some temporarily, some permanently and each one representing the failure of a small business often with devastating results for tenants; believes that these increased earnings are excessive and insensitive especially given that Enterprise Inns have reported a five per cent. decline in net income per pub since the last financial year; notes that these payments come in the same year that saw Enterprise fined just 300,000 for the death of a tenant as a result of the negligent health and safety standards of Enterprise Inns; further believes that a 51 per cent. rise in earnings for Enterprise Inns Chief Executive from 811,000 to 1,223,000 including a performance-related bonus of 558,000, is unjustified considering the company's profits are down by over 200 million from the previous financial year and that it has estimated debts of around 3.5 billion, which means large amounts of money taken from community pubs to service this debt which is a threat to the survival of many pubs; sees this as another example of Enterprise Inns management putting their own greed before the needs of their tenants and the pubs they own; further believes that the concentration of thousands of pubs in the hands of distant and hugely indebted property companies is a threat to the future of pubs; and calls upon the Government to adhere to the timetable for reform including retaining the option of a referral to the Competition Commission in June 2011.

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